In Indiana how much is a ticket for fishing without a license



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    During the 19th century people did not need a fishing license. As the US population grew dramatically later on, eventually President Roosevelt and other conservationalists began to worry about the depletion of  resources such as wildlife. As human population increased, the population of wildlife decreased.

    As a result of increased human population and decreased wildlife, many states started requiring fishing licenses. Fishing licenses are meant as a way of managing and sustaining the population of fishes and to protect commercial fishing from rival recreational fishing. At first only people from out of state were required to get a fishing license but as the US population continued to grow, even residents were required to get fishing licenses.

    The state of Indiana is no exception. A fishing license in Indiana is only $17. Being caught without a proper fishing license will result in a fine of approximately $150. The fee you pay for a fishing license is used to enhance your outdoor experience. The Department of Natural Resources uses the money for fish stocking, lake, river and stream surveying, hatchery operations, regulation control, and etc. So in conclusion it is best to pay that measly $17 instead of being fined and paying $150. Happy fishing!

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