Is India growing faster than China?



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    Yes, on average, 22 million people are born annually in India while only 10 million are born annually in China.  If this growth continues, India will be the most populated country in the world by no later than 2050.

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    Population wise, yes.   Although China has more inhabitants than India, China’s population overall is older.  The average lifespan for a Chinese person is 73 vs. 64 in India and the average age in China is 34 vs. 25 in India.   Birthrate in China is lower at 1.8 children per woman, due to government regulations.  Birthrate in India is 2.8 children per woman.  

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    That depends on whether you’re talking about growth in terms of population or in terms of their economies.  In terms of population, India is growing much faster than China, their respective growth rates being 1.34% and 0.49 % in 2010.  In terms of GDP, however, the race is much closer.  As of January 2011, India was beating out China by .1% (10.4% growth for India, 10.3% for China).  However, in the current year, China seems to be pulling ahead with a current growth rate of 9.1% vs, India’s 7.7%.

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