The importance of lifelong Education



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    Lifelong education is critcal in staying abreast of any changes or updates that may occur within any professional field. An example of this is apparent in globalization. There are so many fields (specifically in the technological, customer service, and human resource areas) that create strategic objectives based on the outsourcing of services across international lines. Managers and executives in these fields require additonal training on the new way that corporations are choosing to conduct business if they are to experience continued success in their positions.

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    Education enables people to socialize with different groups of people, contribute wisdom to younger generations, and contribute to society. Education can also give people a sense of worth and satisfaction. A great example of technology that has opened up innumerable possibilities is the computer. I am always learning more about the internet and new programs that enable me to create artwork and projects for jobs. Education helps you keep relevant and connected to younger generations that you may work with and interact with as members of your family. 

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