importance of earth science



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    Not sure exactly what you’re asking but my first thought was asking about the importance of teaching earth science in schools and to children at a young age so I’ll answer according to that.

    Earth science is the study of the Earth and all of her resources and neighbors in space.  There are many different applications of earth science including locating new energy and mineral resources, studying the impact of humans activity on Earth, researching Earth’s natural ‘behaviors’ such as weather related activities (volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.) and communicate this information to all of Earth’s residents.  

    Because earth science is so important and deals with all aspects of human life, it is essential that this science be taught in schools and at an early age so children can grow to appreciate, respect and understand all that is true (and form their own opinions) about our planet Earth. 

    If we are to ensure a life where we as humans can live comfortably, reasonably and with respect for one another and our planet then we must get and stay educated about all of its resources including the land, oceans, atmosphere, environment, plants, animals and each other, our fellow humans.  Without this education we run the risk of harming or ruining the kind of life that we have come to know as normal and of the type of life we expect to continue to live with our time on Earth.  

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