impact of tourism on the environment



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    Tourism can have many impacts on the environment. Just to bring in the tourism means creating infrastructure like roads, airports, hotels, resorts, shops, golf courses, marinas, etc.  Depending on where these things are built determines to what extent the impact is (like if the land is pristine and wild). 

    In places where resources are limited tourism can put pressure on resource use in an area. Water gets abused in tourism due to fresh water being used for pools, golf courses, etc. Construction puts strain on land and can result in deforestation.

    Tourism also creates added pollution. Traveling by plane, bus, boat, and car puts more CO2 into the atmosphere. Flying, especially long distances, is a major culprit of this and the majority of people fly to their tourist destinations meaning tourism is very environmentally destructive.

    Waste disposal is also harder to manage in tourist areas and can result in people simply throwing trash wherever, especially on trips that involve being out in nature like a trek or camping.


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    Environmentally friendly tourism options do exist.  Ecotourism aims to”unite conservation, community, and sustained travel.”  Some tenets of ecotourism include:

    • Minimizing effect on ecosystems, e.g offsetting transportation emissions by planting trees
    • Providing financial benefits to local residence
    • Providing financial benefits to conservation causes
    • Fostering intercultural respect, understanding, and awareness

    The following is a link to an ecotourism resort in Tanzania:

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