impact to student of recycling



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    I am not sure what you mean.  If you are asking what kind of impact one student can do in terms of recycling, there are a lot of ways students can help.  Try to see if you can be part of student board meetings at your school, or found a recycling/environmental group on campus in order to increase students’ knowledge on the benefits of recycling, and the negative effects of litter on our planet.  As a student, you have a lot of leverage in making a difference because many schools support programs such as this, and many people such as teachers are there to help and encourage you.  See the links for more information/inspiration.

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    The WasteWise program’s Game Day Challenge aims to bring awareness to waste reduction programs and gets college football fans/students to be more conscious about recycling on game days. The 2010 result of this US Environmental Protection Agency program was students from 79 colleges and universities diverting over 500,000 pounds of waste.

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