Is the Imac eco friendly?



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    In a sense. Apple does put thought into their products from the manufacturing process to transportation to product use, to materials, and even to their facilities.

    The iMac specifically become thinner over the years using much less material than before. According to Apple, “today’s 20-inch iMac uses 55 percent less material than its first-generation, 15-inch predecessor. That’s a material savings of 10,000 metric tons — the equivalent of 7200 Toyota Priuses — for every one million iMac computers sold.” They also have removed various toxic materials from their products such as PVC and BFR.

    Apple’s packaging for the imac has also been reduced accounting for less of their carbon emission and increasing their efficiency when it comes to transportation.

    Apple, with the iMac included, is the only company in the industry whose entire desktop and notebook product lines meet the strict energy efficiency requirements set by the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program.


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