I’m writing a story I need fish and reptiles that have unique abilities

like poison(using)camo(using)glide(using)stick to walls(using)tremendous strength(using)

but attributes like strength agility endurance such and such



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    Well, the Basilisk lizard might be an excellent choice for your story. Although many people associate the basilisk with its incarnation in Harry Potter, and other mythological sources, the real Basilisk is a lizard capable of running on water, due to a combinaiton of speed and weight distribution.

    I hope this helped!

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    The regal horned lizard can squirt blood out of its eyes to startle and distract predators long enough to scurry away. Very weird. Check out the video below.

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    Octopi and cuttlefish are both amazing camouflage users. Lion fish have spines that deliver poison on the ends of their fins. Sharks never stop swimming, because they need the water flow over their gills to breathe properly, so they have great endurance. A 15-20 foot wide manta ray can jump around 7-10 feet out of water. The flying snakes of South America can flatten out their body and glide from tree to tree. Hope these help!

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    The halfbeak species found in Sarasota Bay, Florida actually will run on the water.  If dolphing are pursuing them they jump up and run on their back fins for a few feet.  It’s pretty amazing.  Also, can’t forget flying fish.

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    In and around the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, there is concern over the population of slow worms.  The slow worm looks like a snake, but it is actually a lizard without legs, and it has become quite rare in the England. 

    Like most lizards, the slow worm can detach itself from its tail in order to escape danger.  Without legs, though, it be an interesting sight.  You can see a picture of the slow worm here:


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    Mollusk-eating snakes, including species in the genera Dipsas (New World) and (Pareas) are very interesting because they feed on snails. They exact the meat of the snail from the shell (remember they have no arms or legs!) using modified teeth and can move their skulls in different directions. Many of the species are also arboreal, meaning that they do this while living in the trees! It is quite amazing.

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    The vampire squid and sea cucumber can turn itself inside out to fight against attacking predators.

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    vampire sgaud, and the clowe fish. the clowe turn in to females in half there live 

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