I’m redesigning my kitchen– how can I make it more green?



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    Start by evaluating all of the items in your kitchen to see what can be salvaged. Anything that cannot be reused, attempt to recycle. In addition, think about energy saving appliances- they can save you hundreds of dollars per year and help the environment. Similarly, look into installing low flow faucets and energy efficient light fixtures. Finally, attempt to use natural daylight and ventilation as much as possible to again conserve energy and make the kitchen a more pleasant place to be. Use VOC free paints and choose your materials carefully.

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    Try to reuse as much material from your current kitchen as possible. When buying new materials look for recycled or sustainable products. Also purching energy efficent appliances will aid in being green, along with lowering your monthly energy bill.

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    You could also set up your own organic garden with fresh herbs in your kitchen. To do this, make sure you set up a shelf or spot near your window for the herbs.

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