I’m pregnant with my first child- I’m wondering if there are any animals that are so endangered that they could become extinct before my daughter is even old enough to appreciate them?



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    There are many well-known animals whose numbers have dwindled so far they may be extinct before long. The World Wildlife Federation lists the top 10 endangered, which are:

    Black Rhino
    Giant Panda
    Beluga Sturgeon
    Alligator Snapping Turtle
    Hawksbill Turtle
    Big Leaf Mahogany
    Green-Cheeked Parrot
    Mako Shark

    Please follow the link below to find info about the numbers of these animals left and where they can be found.

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    Unfortunately thousands of species of plants and animals go extinct every year. It is likely that species disappear before they are ever even documented. And extinction rates are increasing. Rather than despairing about what your child may never see, which is understandable, you could instill a desire to protect the earth in your child and teach her to live in a way that is more harmonious with her environment. Parents are essential in helping humankind learn new habits and stop destructive trends.

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