Is illegal logging a lot like poaching?



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    While poaching is not typically associated with trees and illegal logging practices, there are some commonalities.  Besides the fact that they are both illegal, there is a level of trespassing involved.  Also, whatever is native or planted in said area, is being killed and sold for profit.  But when it comes down to the basic definition of the word “poaching”, we see that this term is typically associated with animals and fish.

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    The answer above is a great summary.  Illegal logging and poaching are different one refers to plants the other to live animals.  But both practices are illegal and are associated with very serious punishments.  Illegal logging also has the added affect of often damaging the surrounding area (roads are built to haul trees out, habitats are disturbed, undergrowth and other vegetation is often destroyed).

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    As the other respondent said, illegal logging does have some noted similarities with poaching.  The European Union defines illegal logging as “the harvesting of timber in contravention of the laws and regulations of the county of harvest,” a definition that could easily be applied to animals as well.  Generally, as with animals, legal protections are put in place to help prevent illegal killing and removal of a threatened species to be sold for profit.  Restrictions and laws are also put in place forbidding the sale of these wood products to outside buyers, so in that sense as well illegal logging is similar to poaching.

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    Illegal logging and poaching are also similar because they’re often performed by impoverished people trying to survive. In poor countries such as the Democrat Republic of Congo or parts of Brazil, for example, the amount of money you can get on the black market for illegal wood or animal parts often dramatically outstrips the pitiful amount you could make through legal means. 

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