Is IKEA doing anything to be more eco friendly?



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    Yes – for example, during construction, IKEA reuses 75% of construction waste.  Its products are also evaluated for their environmental impact.  Their program IWAY enforces that its suppliers and distributors meet environmental standards.  IKEA partners with the WWF, has a program that plants trees in the rainforest, and has established a long-term goal of having all of their stores use renewable energy through wind or solar power.

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    Yes, they aimed to reduce the amount of store waste by 90% by the end of 2009. They’re also encouraging customers to use public transit. Their store managers are also receiving environmental responsibility training over a three year period.

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    Actually, compared to many big name factory stores, IKEA is being surprisingly eco friendly.  They’ve stopped using plastic bags, invested $77 million in renewable energy like solar energy, and recycles over 84% of the waste generated in their stores.  Also, over 71% of their products are recyclable.  In their products they strictly mandate which suppliers they buy from to ensure that they get wood only from companies who are responsibly supplying their wood.  They are working to make themselves more eco friendly by decreasing CO2 emissions and using more renewable energy.  Even though IKEA has been criticized for supplying products that routinely get thrown away because of poor quality, they are working to fix their image and actually being very eco friendly for the size of their business.

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