If you won the lottery, what would you do to save the planet”?



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    With or without the winning lottery ticket, there are plenty of ways we can do our part , now, to save the planet!

    We can manage our energy usage byy keeping the thermostat low, turning on only lights being used in the house, and switching to CFL bulbs. We can ride our bikes to work/school or carpool or taking public transportation.
    We can reduce our waste, recycle our materials, and compost.

    And most importantly, we can remind each other about the importance in playing our part to preserve our earth.

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    I would buy as much land as I could. Land that has not been developed yet and land that has. The land that has had development on it I would try to plant as many trees as I could.

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    I would invest in an energy efficient home and car. I would use the money to retrofit my life to include more sustainable products. Additionally, I would donate money to an environmental organization (or two!) that would probably be able to make a greater difference with that money than I would as an individual.

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    Donate some money to organizations dedicated to helping the environment, then buy a solar powered home, upgrade the cars to an electric car and a hybrid, and then maybe I’d try to fund a commercial and other advertisements about awareness. We don’t see enough advertising for a greener planet.

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    I would retrofit my home to be more energy and resource efficient. I would donate money to green organizations, especially those aimed at preserving open space. Probably the most important thing would be to educate others at how they can take small daily steps to help save the environment, so I would also donate money to organizations that do this. 

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     If I won the lottery, I would use some of the money to give back to the environment. I would donate it to charities, specifically those that plant trees. I think planting trees is such a productive and simple way to help the environment. I would also put some of the money towards green education for children.

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