If you won the lottery what would you do to help the environment?



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    I would completely revamp the food industry (maybe I’d need a little more than the lottery, but nonetheless) so that no food item contained toxic chemicals, pesticides, or processing of any kind and we could live in a world where we could call everything natural and organic.  Preferably everyone would indulge in a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, but for those who preferred to eat meat, they could do so knowing that the animals were all naturally raised, fed a vegetarian diet, lived their little animal lives to the fullest and then were killed in the most humane way possible.  

    Unfortunately that would mean that as a society we would have to say goodbye to things like Oreos, Peeps, white bread, Big Macs, Diet Pepsi (and regular Pepsi too), and things of the like.  Fortunately though, those things would be replaced with fresh, whole wheat, unprocessed bread, raspberry tarts, fresh squeezed fruit juices and a whole host of other deliciously natural (except we wouldn’t even have to use that word anymore) food items.   

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