If you were to switch to a gluten free diet what would you miss the most?



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    Everything.  I had stomach problems for a bit and was so afraid that I had celiac disease.  I love bread, especially with wheat and oats and barley, and I love muffins, especially bran muffins.  Plus, I wouldn’t be able to eat cake.  I was raised on pasta but I’d say it’s the bread products I would miss the most.

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    My diet is primarily carbs, so living by a gluten-free diet would be difficult for me.  I do know a few gluten-free recipes, so I probably wouldn’t be completely desperate, but I think I’d be extremely unhappy in most situations.  Also, I eat a lot of seitan (made from wheat gluten) as I’m vegetarian, so that would be a very difficult thing for me to give up.  In short, I’d miss most things!

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    Cereal!  With all the great types on the market these days, I would feel extremely deprived not being able to choose as I please.  Although some gluten-free cereals have been introduced, the variety just isn’t there yet.  With cereal as the staple for breakfast (and even lunch and dinner as a college student), I imagine it would be very boring sticking to gluten-free options. 

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    I think I would just miss the ease of baking and ordering food. Most foods (pastas, breads, baked goods) now have gluten-free options (especially in stores like Whole Foods or Trader Joes). There is rice pasta and with a mix of different kind of flours (chickpea, quinoa, etc) you can make a lot of gluten free breads/baked goods.

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    Tie–seitan and bread.

    I’m a bread junkie but also a seitan junkie, and will eat it every single day, prepared just about any  type of way.


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