If you were making your ideal environmental society what would it look like?



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    My ideal environmental society would probably include emission-free air travel and rail travel for ground. The asphalt and concrete from roads would be ground up and somehow reused, perhaps to enforce levees or to prevent coastal erosion. The ground would be promoted to regrow and large expanses of this reclaimed land, particularly wetland areas, would be protected. High density housing would be encouraged and would use water and energy conservation practices, and also would be located near businesses and services.

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    I actually have been working on an environmentally based project and we have an organization called Amigos Support La MICA that supports it. We are building a field station in central Panama that promotes conservation and education while employing the impoverished local people in conservation-oriented work.

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    My ideal environmental society would have everyone living in centralized locations.  Everyone would work and live in the same area, and use community facilities.  This would really cut down on consumerism, and transportation.  There really is no need for everyone to commute from the suburbs, and live in individual houses with multiple cars.  Multi-use buildings with both residential and commercial spaces are ideal, and much more eco-friendly.

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    I would love to live in a place where people truly take care of the environment. I wouldn’t want to see any littering or graffiti on the streets. It would be a place near the ocean, where there is a lot of plants and flowers. Ideally, people would not over consume and be kind to the place they live in.

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    A perfect merge between our technocratic world and the evolutionary adaptation of the natural world.  Novel environmental technology would be tested upon remote islands and if successful, injected into the relevant area of society.  Buildings would behave like trees with solar panels collecting sunlight like leaves and roots distributing energy to ground level services and subterranean magrail systems.  Areas of strong natural environmental significance would be untouched and observed from viewing platforms.  Transportation would involve a hybridization of human-powered monorails in inner cities (http://www.shweeb.com/), submerged floating tunnels connecting continents allowing fast travel through vacuum powered upon by oceanic wind farms and current harvesters on the surface, and all-electric vehicles for mid-range transport.  There would be vertical farms in metropolitan areas and cities would be subdivided into strategic nodules, separating commerce from nature at a level where one could not tell where nature begins and civilization starts.  Consumption of limited goods would be calculated and our species would be guided by a mission to live in balance with the natural world while fulfilling our other promise to explore the universe.

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