If you were going to a green war wouldn’t you want the terminator leading you?

Arnold that is.



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    I suppose having the terminator would be good. He’s from the future, so presumably he isn’t running on fossil fuels (because by then, we’ll have used them all). He doesn’t leave behind waste because he’s nearly indestructible unless dropped into a vat of lava. As long as he’s a benevolent figure and not the robot from the first Terminator, he could be a powerful ally and an intimidator to our foes.

    He’s got a lot of money troubles right now, though.

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    Great question! If I was headed into any war I would want the terminator leading me. Since he is from the future he would be able to aid in preventing potential harm due to environmental issues.

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    Not really. I’d rather have a talented and seasoned tactician. No amount of futuristic knowledge or physical capability can replace actual intelligence and skill.

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