If you were in charge of the conservation efforts of the tiger what would you do?



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    I would focus on continued efforts to stop the illegal trade of tiger products. Many tigers are hunted for their pelts, which are sold for fur in the international blackmarket animal trade. Tiger bones are also ground up and used in Chinese medicine. The strategy I would use would be through both grassroots education of the public in the areas where the tigers live, and also through advocacy to global regulatory agencies who have the power to enforce current laws against the illegal animal trade.

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    I would use several tactics. First off, I would search around online to see if there are other like-minded people working with this cause. For example GreenPeace is working to stop Mattel, the famous toy company that creates Barbies, from buying paper from APP (Asia Pulp and Paper) because they are destroying the rainforests that are homes to Tigers and Orangutangs among other creatures. What I would do then is join in on in the movement (which I have actually, so this is a first-hand example) and then work to create an event to educate others and get the word out through the most powerful form of marketing; word of mouth. Afterwards, I would seek to educate myself further and further so that I can get the word out with each person I meet.

    The key here is to ask yourself what you want to do, then get out and find a network of people that are going towards the same goal you are, join them and collectively work towards that goal.

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    Crack down on illegal hunting and black market sales of tiger-based goods, help conserve their natural environments by regulating deforestation (if the UN could get this done, that’d be real nice), increase efforts to breed them outside of their natural environments (aka in zoos), and plant trackers on populations to increase our understanding.

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    Eliminate all financial advantages, direct (hunting) or indirect (forest destruction, as kimtea said), that have a connection to the endangerment of tigers. I would fiercely emphasize law enforcement and new regulations, and encourage an open dialogue between all nations (such as India, Russia, and Indonesia) that contain tiger populations. One particular example of giving the land back to tigers: “Voluntary resettlement to shift people away from protected areas and the cooperation of those who live in local villages have meant a 400 percent increase in tiger numbers from fewer than 20 to nearly 70.” Not only is it imperative to uphold the boundaries of protected areas, but also to express to citizens the necessity of a stable habitat that can be achieved by human relocation.

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