If you live in the City is it fairly easy to live without a car?



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    Yes it is very easy (although it depends on the city). There is public transportation and there are generally all the services you need within a walking or biking distance. People who have cars in cities a lot of the time just use their car to get out of the city.

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    Like laram mentioned, I think it mostly depends on the city, and your needs/habits in terms of transportation. But, for the most part, if you are fairly flexible and easily mobile (e.g. enjoy walking or biking) it is easy to navigate a city without a car. Often, it is even easier as you dont have to think about parking, parking fees and traffic. Well planned cities, such as NYC, are ideal for living without a car, but other cities, such as Atlanta are more sprawled and are not as friendly to those without cars.  Now, with services such as Zipcar, it makes it even easier to be carless most of the time but still have access to cars if going on a trip.

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    I don’t think a carless existence is just for those in the city anymore.  There are many suburbs with great bus systems that can bring you to and from your job every day for just a few dollars.  If you live more than a half mile or so from a grocery store, you could do your shopping by bicycle.  In the suburbs where I grew up the bus stops were on either end of my half mile street and bike paths would lead you, almost without having to encounter any auto traffic to the local grocery store and target.  In more of the bigger cities, it should be quite easy for anyone who wants to avoid owning a car to live a life free from circling the block to find a parking spot.

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    Yes living in urban areas obviously makes it much easier to live without a car.  I live in Los Angeles, which has some of the worst mass transit around, and even I’m able to have a life out here. But as said before, it depends on the city.

    New York, Chicago, San Francisco: you EASILY do not need a car. 

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