If you install a drip system properly is any water wasted?



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    The advantage of a drip system is that it allows a great deal of control in terms of delivering water to a very specific region near the roots of a plant, reducing the amount of water wasted significantly. This is very beneficial when compared to sprinkler based systems, but still cannot be considered as waste free. Consider that many plants are available that do not require watering at all in certain climate zones. Drip irrigation allows people to choose other plants instead of these, therefore effectively still wasting water when compared to the native, drought resistant alternatives.

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    If you install drip irrigation properly, and time the amount of watering correctly there wouldn’t be any wasted water.  If you provide more water than the plants need then they won’t soak up the water and you’ll be wasting water.  You’ll want to tailor the emitters to the type of plant that you’re growing.  Some emitters will provide more water and direct irrigation, while others like T-tape provide more consistent smaller amounts of water over a larger area.  

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