IF you increase the temputure of water, will a tablet break down faster?



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    It should speed up the breaking down of the tablet.  When water increases temperature, its solubility increases, so it can more easily accept a solid and accept more of that solid.  With the increase in temperature, the density of the tablet will also decrease, so more of its surface area will be exposed to the water.

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    There are a few ways that you can speed up the process of the tablet breakdown.

    If you increase the temperature, this will help the tablet to breakdown because the water molecules will move more quickly, bumping into the tablet. There is a limit because once the water is boiling this is the limit for how fast the tablet will break down.

    You can also stir the water. This further causes agitation and movement of the water molecules so things will break down faster. This can be combined with increasing the water temperature.

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