If you hiked as a child do you think it helped you have an appreciation for nature?



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    I did hike as a child and I believe being outdoors did strengthen my appreciation for the environment. See nature firsthand makes one realize how important it is to help protect it.

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    In my experience, hiking and spending long durations outdoors helped me appreciate nature in my development. Learning through experience is the best way to learn and understand a topic. I would encourage all children to be exposed to hiking and nature.

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    Yes, I think that hiking, camping, exploring nature, and being able to play outside whenever I felt like it as a child helped me to appreciate nature. There are things about nature that can’t be learned from a text book and need to be experienced firsthand.

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    For me it definitely did to – I hiked, camped, and swam outdoors often as a child. I still like to do these things. I think it also helped me to be interested in things besides, say, video games, so I didn’t get addicted to them.

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    Spending a lot of time outdoors as a child definitely made me have a greater appreciation for nature, and has transferred over to my adult life.  I now live downtown Chicago, but I still have a great respect for nature and the wilderness.  If I had lived in the city all of my life, I’m not sure that it would still be the case.

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    I also believe my outdoor experiences as a child helped instill in me a meaningful appreciation for nature.  Enjoying untouched natural environments – away from civilization – has a profound way of reminding you of the importance of preserving and conserving those places.  I believe the positive experiences I had as a child created a positive association with nature that is reflected in my priorities and sentiments today. 

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    As a child, I went on a few trips to Bear Mountain in Upstate New York. Although it is only a couple of hours drive away from New York City, it is like a different world to be around nature. I think it definitely has helped me with a better understanding of how nature is so vast and how easily it is to get lost in it’s beauty. I also found a new appreciation for nature when I was in college, going on a few hikes with friends, also in Upstate New York. When I was young, I liked hiking for the adventure of it, but as I got older my appreciation for nature turned into something bigger and with more understanding.

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    Absolutely.  I was always out on the water, or hiking, or visiting beautiful natural places as a child.  I had fun in the wilderness, and it gave me a deep appreciation for the wilderness.

    However, the environmental author Edward Abbey says that everyone needs the wilderness, even if they’ve never been there.  Abbey, for example, wanted Alaska to remain wilderness even though he’d never been there personally.  I feel the same way.

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