If you have an indoor cat is it ok to de-claw them?



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    Infectious disease specialists do not recommend de-clawwing cats. It is not necessary and considered inhumane because it is like amputating the last bone of each toe; it is actually banned in many European countries. De-clawwing your cat does not help it, if anything it can cause problems for them. If you have a problem with cat scratching, there are solutions, check the declawing.com link below to find out.

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    In addition to the information provided in the answer already given, I would recommend some catnip and a scratching post and also some toys. If you use catnip on the scratching post then your cat will love it and will not want to claw your furniture or damage your other possessions in any way. Scratching is a normal and necessary activity for cats and just because they are indoors we do not have to deprive them of the opportunity to do so. 

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