If you had unlimited funds to spend on a motorized vehicle, what would you buy?



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    That’s a tough one. I really like the Chevy Volt and I’m not just saying that because this is an environmentally-minded website. I think its practicality is unmatched by any other electric vehicle because you can travel long distances if necessary. I also like its sporty look. I live in Oregon so I would probably need an all-wheel drive version which would be custom, and expensive I’m sure.

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    Since we have unlimited funds can we create a car that has yet to be made?  If so, I think I would want a Smart car that when needed, can become larger so it is more safe for highway driving.  I would want it to be fully electric and of course, purple.  I think that they are great eco-friendly cars and are great to have if you live in the city because you can fit into almost any parking spot.  

    Otherwise, I really like the Nissan Leaf.  Aside from thinking that it is adorable, it’s an innovative car that is only going to improve with time.

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    If I had unlimited funds, I would probably go for a very efficient, 2000-2010 used diesel that I could convert to run on straight vegetable oil.  Electric cars are cool, but still ultimately rely on oil-derived power, and honestly, (and this just a bias) I don’t consider them real cars.  Plus, since you don’t really see a lot of used electrics around, you’d have to buy new, which would add production, shipping and raw materials to your environmental impact considerations. 

    A flex-fuel motorcycle would be pretty fun too, but not really as practical, especially since I live in New England (and, again, probably bought new).

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      I’m sorry you feel that way about electric cars. Until recently, home-converted electric vehicles have dominated the roads. My dad converted his Saturn to an electric vehicle when the engine died because it cost about the same as it would have cost to replace the engine. I live in California, and there are several electric car clubs whose members have concerted their own vehicles. Here is a link to the East Bay chapter member’s vehicles so you can browse them and see what people have made 🙂


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    I would probably buy a brand new version of my current Toyota Prius. If I was able to keep the left over money, I would probably donate that to an environmental organization of my choosing. I may even buy friends and family members hybrids to further help promote green living. The possibilities are endless!

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