If you had to power the entire world with one energy what would it be and why?



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    Solar power. While not without its drawbacks, solar power is a nearly infinite resource, produces zero emissions, does not interfere with wildlife (as hydro-power and wind-power sometimes do) and is comparatively inexpensive.

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    That’s a great question. Well, I’d like to be able to say “Wind” or “Solar” or “Geothermal” but the fact of the matter is that right now our energy demands are way too high for any one of these methods to be a viable option for powering the entire world. So, sadly, I’d admit, if I had the power to immediately switch the entire world over to one source of power tomorrow, I would have to go with nuclear—FOR THE TIME BEING—not forever. Nuclear energy does not produce CO2 and other greenhouse gases (sulfur oxide, nitrous oxides, methanes, and particulate matter like smoke and ash) like coal and oil plants do; but there is the huge problem of properly disposing of the nuclear waste that comes about as a result of the fission process!! So this is a scary alternative. (I would never do it unless at the same time that all the power plants in the world turned into nuclear plants they also built safe, disposal areas–or figured out how to dump the radioactive material safely into space [aim it at Jupiter–it’ll swallow it!]) But it would curb CO2 emission dramatically. Imagine if all the modes of transportation (cars, trains, buses, subways, boats, and planes) all ran off either fuel cells or were connected directly into the grid (which is easy to do for trains and subways–not so much for an airplane)!?! There would be nothing polluting the air (except for manufacturers–I don’t know how they could cut back, but at least their lights would be run off an energy source that will not destroy the planet). Nuclear could work for a short while. And then, once the science catches up and we realize we do not need to be using so much energy in our day to day activities, we could invest in building the type of integrated energy generation system we need (which captures and stores all forms of renewable energy—WIND, SOLAR, GEO-THERMAL, TIDAL, BIO-MASS/THERMAL, USING GRAVITY (esp. travelling DOWNHILL!!!), BIO-MECHANICALLY CREATED ENERGY (human powered devices and energy storage devices, such as the Bio-mechanical Energy Harvester), NATURAL WEATHER PATTERNS (one day we will be capturing the cyclic (rotational) energy of Hurricanes!), ETC>>>>There are tons of viable solutions. We just need to get at them all at once, because unfortunately we cannot just snap our fingers and have the millions of coal and oil driven power plants in the world turn into nuclear reactors… it would simply cost too much (and probably be way too dangerous as well!)….So the change we need to see happen (to protect our home, the Earth) will have to happen step by step. We will have to build one wind turbine and one solar panel at a time. But one day the world will be safe, and united… and it will be powered by a combination of alternate _–*SUSTAINABE*–_ methods of energy production

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    Personally I would pick solar energy. There are many places in the world you can use it and there are so many incentives out there to help develop and make it affordable to have an abundance of!

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