if you had to live with one organ, which would it be? WHY?

which of the major body systems is it part of?



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    If I had only one organ to live with, I would choose to live with my brain which is a part of the central nervous system. I choose the brain because the brain is such an intricate and amazing machine. It is where thoughts, moods, and feelings are created, managed, and stored. The brain is also the only major organ that can think, dream, store memories, etc.

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    I agree with mire2187. There would be no point in living at all without my brain. If technology advanced to the point where the human brain could be stored safely outside the body without its supporting organ systems such as the digestive system (which converts food into energy for the brain to use) and the circulatory system (which delivers that energy to the brain), then I would rather have my brain than any other organ.

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    I would say eyes, but I will need a brain to process what I see. Seeing new things, seeing things happening, seeing good things, seeing bad things. I read a lot to learn, I travel to see new things up close and person, I prefer to see people than interact via the phone or internet. the eyes is the window to the world. I hope my eyes stay strong for a really long time for me. 

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