If you had to do one thing to be “green” what would it be?



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    Advocates of vegan and vegetarian diets believe that eating a meat-and-dairy free diet is the single greatest thing one can do for the environment and the prevention of animal cruelty. If I had to pick one thing to do to be “green”, I would chose to abstain from meat and dairy.

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    The one thing I always make sure I do is recycle. There is just no reason not to, and I have done it for so long, I barely even think of it as green anymore! That said, I have also greatly reduced my intake of meat, because I feel that is a very important choice I can make.

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    I would have to agree with Emily. Vegetarianism/ veganism is such a great way to be “green,” and will also better your life mentally and physically. It is such a great lifestyle (I use to be a vegetarian and have gone on and off multiple times), and during the time I practiced that lifestyle I always felt good. Eating fruits, vegetables and abstaining from meats I always felt good mentally and physically. Therefore, I would definitely choose to be vegetarian, and possibly vegan later on.

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