If you had to buy an EV would you buy the volt or the leaf?



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    Not to endorse one over the other, but I feel as though the Volt has more usability with it’s gas range extension. The volt is also heavier and will probably have better handling as a result.

    And there’s always the aesthetic, I’m glad Chevy rearranged it’s original concept and I’m not really digging Nissan’s in this case

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    I like that the Volt can run on gas if it runs out electricity, but that defeats the point of an electric car in a way.  The Volt only travels 40 miles on one charge, which really isn’t that far; probably not even enough to get to work and back for some.  The Leaf on the other hand, can drive up to 100 miles on one charge.  This makes much more sense to me.  In my opinion, if you are going to buy a Volt, you might as well just save your money and buy a hybrid instead.

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