If you don’t take an excessively long shower is it better to shower or take bath?



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    This is an interesting question that I discovered personally the answer to.

    I have heard, more than once, that a person uses more water taking a shower than taking a bath. I was skeptical. So, I performed a simple experiment.

    I took a shower, with the plug in place.

    I found that I used much less water than I do when taking a bath. This is an experiment that I recommend. Don’t believe those strange-but-true statements as fact.

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    It is much more water wise to take a shower than a bath, regardless of time spent (unless you were taking a ridiculously long shower, such as showering for more than an hour).  Most showers will use about  about 20 gallons of water if you are showering for 10 minutes, less if you are using a water saving shower head.  This is in comparison to a bath, which will use about 50 gallons of water regardless of water saving technology.  You would have to shower for over 30 minutes to equal the water usage of one bath.

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    This is going to have extremely variable acceptance based on perspective, but it’s a common European practice for families to share bath water.  Like, one person bathes, then the next person bathes, and so on. In that case, it’s more effective to do a bath an a shower.  Personally, I don’t think i could handle bathing in luke-warm used bathwater, but to each their own. Whatever saves the world.

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