If you could use any clean energy to power your home what would it be?



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    I live in San Diego, so I would definitely use solar power to power my home- I think it rains 10 days out of the year here. There is a lot of research into wave energy as well, which can also be a useful investment for coastal residents. I think that location to renewable resources is really important in deciding what type of clean energy is best for you.

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    I live on a hill, with part of the house built into it so that naturally helps keep the lower level cool; it also gets pretty windy sometimes so I’d use a combination of solar and wind energy. That way I would be getting the advantages of the cool temperatures from underground, the power of the wind, as well as solar power.

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    I would have to go with solar. Just because it is completely free of dependence on weather phenomenon like wind, doesn’t change ecosystems like hydropower, and is easy to have on your home.

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    I like the idea of using solar energy.  It’s more reliable than any other source, and I see it as less of an investment.  Also, if there is sun, then undoubtedly it will work.

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    I would use geothermal energy, or a combination of geothermal energy and solar energy, so that my home wouldn’t be dependent on getting sun in bad weather.

    It is very important not only to power your home with clean energy, but to conserve energy within your home and make it as environmentally friendly as possible.

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