If you could teach the world one green thing– what would it be?



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    I would teach people the environmental benefits of not eating meat and being a vegetarian. It’s not such hippie, tree-hugger idea, it’s a logical and factual way to reduce your carbon footprint. By not eating meat, individuals are ignoring an industry which consumes so many precious natural resources- land, water, energy. Additionally, by not eating meat from large meat factories, we are also not supporting an industry which force feeds animals food they can’t digest well. The meat industry is polluting as well- cows create so much methane, which has a global warming capacity incomparable to carbon dioxide. If everyone knew these simple facts about vegetarianism, I think they would think twice before scowling at the idea, calling people hippies, or eating their Big Mac.

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    I would say to be aware of your impact. Every action has an effect, and the more you think about how your own actions impact others or the planet, the better you are able to make your own decisions about what should be done. If you think about how much garbage you create or water you use you will begin to see that wasting is unnecessary and even expensive.

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