If you could spend the day with your favorite environmentalist who would it be?



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    I would spend the day with Aldo Leopold, one of the developers and proponents of environmental ethics and conservationism. I would spend the day trying to get his viewpoint on contemporary environmental issues or get him to write a few artcles for this site 😉

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    I would have to choose Walt Whitman, author of “Leaves of Grass.”  Not only did this man see the poetry in a single blade of grass, he dedicated his most famous collection of poetry to this notion, a collection which included his elegy for Lincoln.  The collection attracted extreme controversy at the time, wikipedia – of all sites – shares this controversy extensively: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leaves_of_Grass

    Whitman chose to – in a very stuck up era – to write in honor of nature, the body, the earth and sex.  That’s my kind of activism.

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    I would spend the day hiking national parks with John Muir. Wow. How great would that be? I would probably choose Yosemite since I have never been there and he knew that park best. 

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