If you could pass any environmental bill what kind of bill would you pass?



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    Wow, this is a pretty heavy question with so many answers.  I guess a very important bill to pass would involve making businesses accountable for the chemicals they put in their products.  Often times there are many carcinogens or toxic compounds that can be found in products, including toothpastes and shampoos that we use daily.  Not only is this terrible for humans, but they pollute the waterways and cause problems for all plants and animals.  I would force the FDA to regulate the use of chemicals in products.

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    The bill would be called “the corporate green accountability” bill.

    This bill would require that any company using a natural resource is taxed heavily. The taxation would range from a company’s use of an animal or other natural component in any design, advertising, or print work, to a tax on water, air, fire, electricity, etc.

    Basically, if an entity wishes to use a part of nature, they must give back to the preservation of that specific natural source. Got a crane as your logo? Crane preservation it is, then.

    The bill would mandate an allocation of funds for those who are using highly exploitable aspects of our environment in order to offset the cost of that aspect’s use. The scale would be sliding, based on frequency, nature, and amount of use, and would require that all companies taking away from the environment give back to it an equal amount.  

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