If you could own any alternative fuel car, which would it be?



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    If we’re talking solely for ecological reasons, my car would run on solar power. The sun sends 35,000 more times energy than we consume or produce, and with the technology to store a good amount of this solar energy, I wouldn’t have to worry too much about how much fuel I was using, its environmental impact or the fuel’s price. 

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    I agree with brantross, I would get a solar powered car. Sure it’s more expensive initially, but a lack of a gas bill would be nice and make up for the extra money spent (well, hopefully)! Plus it has virtually no effect on the environment, and you don’t have to worry about plugging it in or running out of gas. (I live in a sunny place so I wouldn’t have to worry to much about running out of solar power).

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    I would love my car to have a hydrogen engine – how neat would it be to have a car that emits nothing but clean water? NASA has been doing this for a long time to propel rockets into space – and the crews of the shuttles are able to drink the water made from the hydrogen engines that power the rocket. Besides, it’s the most abundant element in the universe, so it’d never run out.

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