If you could only do “one green thing” what would it be?



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    I would probably recycle as much as possible. Not only does it prevent trash, it uses something for another thing and prevents the unecessary production of another product. If i had to do one green thing that would be it!

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    I agree. recycling is such an important part of the way we live in such a man made world. I think that would do the most good

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    Considering the fact that emitting greenhouse gases is one of the biggest environmental problem that we face, I think that if I could only do one thing to help the environment it would be reducing the amount of carbon I contribute to the atmosphere.  This could be done hundreds of ways, which is why it is a good choice if you can only do one thing.

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    Recycling is a great option, but I would also encourage composting. Every year, EACH American throws out 1,200 pounds of organic garbage that can be composted. This takes up unnecessary space in landfills and the compost can be saved for gardening or other green uses. 

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    Like many others have posted, I too would recycle. It is such an easy and simple task to do, it doesn’t take much effort to recycle paper or bottles. It is a good way of playing an environmentally conscious part in protecting the world. 

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