If you could make an environmental video game what would it be like?



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    I would market an environmental video game that would be based on the efforts of anti-whaling, poaching, and deforestation efforts. I would want to make the game relevant and exciting by having missions in which one’s life would be endangered by their extreme activism, but I would not go so far as to show retaliation on the part of the environmental activists. I think that it would be really interesting to show the dangers that activists face to save the world.

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    Incorporating interesting/unusual characters, creative activities, and unique game plots are my approaches in making a fun, appealing environmental video game. For instance, the player in an RPG game can go through forests, gardens, parks, cities, and many other environments to pick up trash, save animals, garden, and design sustainable landscapes. The game itself does not have to actually pertain to environmental issues; subtle hints here and there will do.

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    I think an environmentally-themed video game would be a great idea, especially for younger children. There was actually an environmental type video game I used to play when I was younger (I think it came with a cereal box) called Amazon Trail. One had to travel down the Amazon River in a canoe, taking stopping along the bank to take pictures of as many different types of wildlife as possible. I learned surprising amount about the Amazonian ecosystem from that game.

    Nowadays, I would create a video game that had to do with counter-acting global warming. Each level could be a mini mission, centered around a different contributing factor – deforestation in the Amazon could be the first, for instance – culminating in an eventual halting and then gradual bringing down of global temperatures. In the Amazon level, for instance, one could examine the ecosystems and the way in which the forests help the environment, the different species and the role of humans. It would definitely be something I would buy for my children.

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