If you could live on any planet which planet would you live on?


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    I suppose I would live on Saturn. I think the rings would be an interesting feature in the night sky. I wonder what it would look like to live on Saturn (in an approximate North America area) and see the rings from the surface?
    Basically, I’m pretty happy with Earth, but I would like to have more moons to look at (because I really like the moons), and rings would be really aweseome. (PS the picture attached is a REAL picture)

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    I think I would want to live on Jupiter because it is nice and big so everyone could have their space, plus you have all those nice moons to look at. 63 moons would be pretty cool to see, plus it would make up for the fact that there are constant storms all over the planet haha.

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    I would live on Uranus. It would crack me up every time I wrote my address.

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    I would live on neptune, because it would be neat to be on a planet that is covered in ice.

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    Earth. I have dedicated a lot of time to protecting our planet and I wouldn’t give up on it even if I had the opportunity to move to another planet.

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    Earth is so conducive to human life, it would be hard for me to want to live elsewhere. We have such a great span of biodiversity on earth as well, and are exposed to thousands of plants, animals, and climates.

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    Definitely Earth, until it would be possible to sustain life on other planets of course. 

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    I would still want to live on Earth.  There really is nothing appealing to me about living on another planet.  It would be really neat to be able to go visit other places, but I would only want to consider Earth as my home.

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    I would want to stay on Earth, it is so beautiful here. This is our home. 

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    I guess if I had to choose one besides Earth, I’d go for the one most similar to it, which is Venus. 

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    Is it lame to say I would live on Earth?  It’s my home, and I love it, and I’d rather work to conserve it than move to another planet.

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