If you could have a genie to grant you three “green” wishes, what would they be?

Green, eco-friendly, sustainable you pick it — what would your 3 wishes be?



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    1. Reduce the world population to 1 billion
    2. Eradicate all world poverty
    3. Eliminate cars and replace them with extensive public transportation systems in every world city and country.
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    1. Enact a global law so that the richest person on earth can have no more than ten times the wealth of the poorest person on earth.

    2. Make landfills illegal so that everything must be re-used or recycled.

    3. Give everyone a bicycle. Not one of those silly cruisers that goes 5mph, but something that people can actually use for practical purposes and is tailored to their body size. People with severe disabilities would all get some sort of electric bicycle that they could operate at the same speed as the rest of the population.

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    In this order-

    1.) Convert all energy to renewable energy

    2.) Convert all agriculture to permaculture systems 

    3.) End civilization (everyone reverts to pre-industrial culture)

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    1. Legally bind everyone to recycling and composting—no more landfills.

    2. Reduce world population.

    3. Stop compulsive production.

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    1) End deforestation in the rainforests.

    2) End for-profit natural resource exploitation by corporations.

    3) Provide incentives for local businesses to start up.

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    1. No more species will go extinct and all their ecosystems get boosted to optimal health.

    2. Everyone has a sustainability education and the means to survive
    3. Human population reduction and stabilization at a level that enables us to coexist

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    1. Everyone will recycle/upcycle

    2. To get back our rainforests

    3. All countries will depend on renewable energy

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