If you could get rid of one resource that we use what would it be?



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    Personally, I would get rid of oil. This fossil fuel has the most applications with the majority of carbon emissions. I think that we have centered our economies and automotive industries on this resource. Consequently, the progress for issues of climate change and environmental conservation is severed due to the status quo of fossil fuel powered cars. I am not condemning this resource, but our unregulated and exploited use of oil is largely responsible for our current environmental dilemma. What would you get rid of?

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    I would get rid of the corn subsidy that goes towards its production thereby hopefully lessening the amount that is produced. Corn has infiltrated all parts of our lives and oftentimes in non-healthy ways. It has been infused into most of the products we consume today at the expense of nutrition and it is now unnaturally being fed to the livestock that we ultimately consume. It leads to disease, malnutrition, and a sense that our food is now ‘cheaper’ without looking at the ultimate cost of toll on the environment and our own health.

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