If you could choose any eco-destination to visit, where would you pick and why?



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    Right now, Iceland is one of the top eco-tourist destination and during the summer months, I could definitely see myself visiting there! Believe it or not, Iceland is actually a volcanic island, and also contains glaciers- and I would love to see how this beautiful island was formed. The airfare to Iceland is often very inexpensive. There also aren’t too many other tourists there, and my guess is that the tourists you will come across there will be there for similar reasons as you.

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    I would recommend the Galapagos Islands.  It is one of the most unqiue places in the world, with plants and animals that exist no where else in the world.  It also maintains an important history, as Darwin studied for years on the Islands, observations and tests that lead to his theories on evolution. It is important for people to reconnected with nature; Galapagos is just one of many places where people can go to be inspired, motivated, and made aware of the beauty and complexity of nature.

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    Panama is amazing! This is a great destination that has not been affected by large amounts of tourists, so the forests still have many great animals to be seen. There are many tour guide groups that can help you organize your trip or you can use the Internet to find beaches or forests to visit. You can travel from lowlands to highlands and from the Pacific to the Atlantic in less than a day!

    Furthermore, Panama uses the US dollar and is relatively cheap for travel. Many people speak English.

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    I plan on making a trip to New Zealand and spending a month or three on a self-guided bicycle trip.  The New Zealand terrain has been described as an ideal destination for bicycle adventurers.  Bike routes are provided with camp grounds spaced one bicycling days’ worth of travel distance apart.

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