If you could change anything about the environment what would it be?



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    One thing I would change about the environment is the way we treat it.  I don’t think that we would be experiencing the issues that we are today if it weren’t for human influence.  If we treated the world in which we live better, then there really wouldn’t be anything we would want to alter.

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    I would get rid of pollution. It’s not good for the environment and it’s not good for the people who live in it. Air quality would be better, our streets, parks, and waters would be cleaner.

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    I would make it so that humans never hated predators just for what they are and never killed them out of fear.  This simple change would restore the health to countless numbers of ecosystems.  It would increase biodiversity.  It would actually reduce global warming.  This one small change would help humans live in harmony with the earth much easier.

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