If you could buy any green car you wanted what would it be?



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    The new prius with solar powered sun roof!

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    Well if a green SUV was every produced I would choose that. The new Ford Taurus hybrids are pretty nice as well.

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    Right now, my first choice would be a Tesla Roadster. My second, and more affordable choice, would be a VW Jetta TDI. But I just recently saw that Honda will be releasing the CR-Z hybrid and that has me pretty excited.

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    I plan on getting a Prius whenever I need my next car, which, no offense to the prius, hopefully won’t be anytime soon! I didn’t know they had the solar powered sunroof now, that’s pretty cool!

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    Recently my father had been driving a natural gas Honda Civic which I really like.  Before he had the hybrid, but since the carpool lane regulations in California are about to change, he switched to natural gas.  What I like most about the Civics is that there is little difference between the hybrid, natural gas, and regular models.  They all drive similarly, the only difference I see are a couple of interior features.

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    I would buy the Toyota Prius. I’ve been a Toyota driver for years now, I like how the cars run and I think the Prius is a great, green car option. 

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