If you could be a type of tree what would it be?



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    I would be a willow tree. The way the branches and leaves float in the breeze looks and sounds cool.

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    I would be a redwood tree. They are so beautiful and they live in lovely areas. Many of them are protected now and they live for thousands of years. Not to mention, as trees go they are pretty smart. They have two “brains” in their top and root area to help them adjust to both fire and flooding.

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    I would be a massive Olive Tree. I would be ancient, yet strong. My trunk would be old and dark and withered like a spooky tree on Hallow’s Eve. Roots reaching deep into the earth, with a trunk as wide as an elephants rear. My roots would cascade over the edge of an ominous precipice, peering down at the Mediterranean Sea. A blue and pristine sky overhead and brilliant sun shining down upon my branches full of deep green leaves.

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    An oak tree or cypress tree, both beautiful trees and full of life!

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    I would be a pine. Not only is the pine tree the symbol of the collegiate members of my sorority (tridelta), but the pine is strong and tall and can grow where many other types of trees cannot.

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    I would love to be a fruit-bearing tree, perhaps an apple tree. I would want to have the ability to nourish people, provide strong branches for climbing, and shield critters from the sun. Maybe this is also stemming from my love of the book The Giving Tree.

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    I would be a palm tree.  They get to live in the best climates, and are aesthetically appealing.  Palm trees are also very tall and strong which is another positive aspect.

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    I would like to be a Japanese cherry blossom tree because when the pink flower blooms, the whole tree lights the environment. The pink blossoms make a nice contrast against green foliage. Their delicate, tiny flowers may be small, but makes a very powerful presence when all bundled up together. It also embraces a long history in the Japanese culture and symbolizes many positive things. Not to mention, there are cherry blossom festivals that celebrate the tree and its many varieties.

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