If you consume smarter does it matter how much you consume?



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    Well, since the aim of smart consumption is to consume less so we can be more responsible in terms of our own health, the health of the economy, and the health of the environment, it does matter how much you consume. Over-consumption is an issue; we produce too much and therefore we consume too much. It’s sort of a vicious cycle: we produce what we consume. We consume more than we actually need, therefore we’re forced to produce more to replenish it. As far as smart consumption goes, the motto seems to be “less is more.”

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    By smart consumption I assume you mean greener consumption, in that you shop around for the greenest products you can. Sites like http://www.goodguide.com/ are useful for this. Greener consumption is great, but it doesn’t mean you should overconsume. Even the greenest products are not yet fully sustainable, and still require energy to make. So the more you buy, the more emissions you are responsible for. Buying greener AND consuming less is the best way to go!

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