If you can see the smoke coming out of the tailpipe of a car is it bad for you?



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    It is not only bad for you, it is bad for your car as well.  It is also cause for immediate fail of a smog test.  According to SmogTips.com, if you see smoke coming out of the tailpipe, one of two things may be the reason:

    1. “The engine is not burning fuel properly, leaving behind high amounts of Carbon Monoxide (CO), resulting in excessive black smoke being emitted from the tailpipe. These vehicles will experience increased fuel consumption as well.

    2.  “Engine oil is seeping into the combustion chambers. Oil is mixing with the fuel & air mixture, leaving behind high amounts of carbon, seen as excessive black smoke being emitted from the tailpipe. Oil seepage may occur due to defective piston rings, valve seals, or Positive Crank Ventilation (PCV) System.”

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    All cars emit a bit of smoke — if your tailpipe has an excessive (greater than usual) amount of smoke coming out of it, then something’s wrong. You’ll have to discern what color the smoke is first, then you can figure out what to do from there. Here’s a breakdown: http://www.auto-repair-help.com/auto_diagnostics/tailpipe_smoke.php

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    Smoke produced from the tailpipe can be especially hazardous when in enclosed spaces. The build can lead to carbon-monoxide poisoning and can be fatal. It may even be a good idea to push your car out of your garage before starting it.

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