If you buy organic foods only, will that help somehow?



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    Help what? If you are referring to the environment, then yes. Organic products are supposed to be grown without the use of pesticides and harsh chemicals, which is a very good thing. If you are referring to health, then yes, it is beneficial to your body. Because you aren’t introducing more chemicals and pesticides into your body, you are lowering the amount of toxins that your body has to take on. Be more specific with your question and I can hopefully answer it better. 

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    Your “dollar votes” also contribute to the success of organic farmers and reduce the profits of non-organic industries.

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    Buying organic products helps in almost every way, and harms in almost no way at all.

    The only harm you are doing buying organic is on your own bank account.  Unfortunately, at the moment organic food is more expensive due to the lower demand for it.  As demand for organic food goes up, the price will start lowering.  Every time you buy organic you are supporting the demand for it, and therefore helping to hopefully lower the price of it.  You are also doing well in the ways mentioned above!

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    Yes it will help. Immensely! Organic agriculture is good for the soil and healthy soil means more nutrients in our food which will make for healthier individuals. Organic agriculture also means less toxins in our bodies, in the air, in the drinking water, in the animals who breathe the air and whom many humans consume. Purchasing organic produce means that more and more insects will survive and create a diversity within nature that is sustainable and necessary. I can go on and on about this topic – just know that your dollars are well spent when you buy organic foods.

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