If you are vegetarian what is the 1 dish you miss the most?


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    Chicken strips. Usually I can find really good vegetarian replacements for meat, but I can’t seem to find a decent chicken strip stand-in. Truth be told though (at least in my case), the longer you go without a food the less you think about it at all. So aside from the occasional twinge when a friend is happily eating them beside me, I’m good:) I’m curious as to other people’s responses though!

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    When I was a vegetarian, the one food I missed more than anything was steak. Just a plain, medium-rare steak. But they went against pretty much every reason I had for becoming a vegetarian, both environment and health, so I had to ditch them. Now that I’m not a vegetarian anymore, however, I actually don’t eat much steak. I probably only eat it like three or four times a year. I agree with the poster who said that the longer you don’t eat a food, the easier it is to resist it. Plus, it’s usually harder to avoid eating something when you know you can’t have it.

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    Buffalo wings, without a doubt. Now, I wasn’t crazy about steaks and the like even before I became a vegetarian, but every time I see someone eating wings, a part of me can’t help getting jealous. Fortunately, if I’m willing to spend a little money (or use up a fair chunk of my time), there are some pretty good substitutes out there to buy or make.

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    I miss seafood the most. Tofu and seitan are great to replace meat with, but I haven’t come across a decent substitute for any kind of seafood. A while back, I tried fake shrimp, which was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever eaten, so I’ve been wary ever since.

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    I think I’d miss the little things, like chicken noodle soup. There are great vegetarian soups, but there is but the one Chicken Noodle when you’re sick or cold.

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    Smoked salmon! Even if you still eat seafood, for every 1 wild-caught salmon, there are 300 farmed salmon. Farmed salmon doesn’t have the same nutrients (omega 3) as wild salmon because they don’t swim freely or eat what they normally would. Currently, most salmon is farmed and they die the flesh pink to make it seem the same, but it just isn’t. If i could still eat [wild] salmon, I would. Ahh, lox…   

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    When I was a vegetarian I missed eating my husbands incredible lasagna as well as really nice medium-rare steak the most.  I’m allergic to all fish and seafood, so that isn’t an option for me.  I only eat meat a few times a year now, so at the holidays we have lasagna and sometime during the year I’ll have a medium-rare steak.

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    Fried chicken. There is no substitute.

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    Not a single thing.  One thing that propelled by eating choices is that I was bottoming out.

    Eggs began tasting like they were rotten, even though they weren’t, meat began tasting rotten, even though it wasn’t.

    Now?  I can’t even take the smell of meat.  It smells like fecal matter. 

    So, no, there isn’t anything I miss.  My cooking has improved dramatically, and I’d rather eat my own food than what’s served in restaurants.  Because I’ve learned to make so many things, even vegan “chickn’ and dumplings, I don’t miss a single thing!  My dining life is very rich and fulfilling.

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    Honestly as vegetarian now for 8 years, I can say there is no animal based product I miss. I used to miss hot wings but then I found several recipes for tofu based hot wings that I found incredibly delicious and a more than capable substitute.

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