If you are vegetarian does that mean you are natural?



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    While vegetarianism and a natural lifestyle often go hand in hand, these two concepts are separate of one another. A vegetarian simply refrains from eating any meat or animal parts. Natural is more difficult to define because it is not a regulated word. Generally, someone who lives a natural lifestyle chooses products without artificial or synthetic ingredients. A natural lifestyle may also involve a diet high in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and organic foods. For some individuals, a natural lifestyle may include eating meat.

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    Not always.  Many unhealthy foods are still vegetarian.  However, if you are vegetarian, you’re usually more inclined to be natural because many vegetarian options are.  But remember — potato chips, baked goods and pizza are vegetarian!

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    I think it would be more accurate to say that a vegetarian “foodie” is natural. As pointed out above, being natural is not a regulated term, but a vegetarian who loves food and cooking is going to be more apt to experiment with as many natural ingredients as possible, as opposed to the vegetarian who lives on cereals and processed foods.

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