If the soil is wet looking is it healthy?



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    Yes. Healthy soil looks moist. It is also full of bugs and worms that move through the dirt and give the water a place to go.

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    A common rule of thumb is to stick a screwdriver into the ground to determine whether the soil is watered enough. If you can easily penetrate the screwdriver about 6-8 inches below ground level, then the soil is sufficiently watered.

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    The only real way to know if soil is healthy is to take samples and send them to an extension lab to be tested; the results will tell you its chemical and biological make-up and will help you determine if it has available nutrients, its mineral levels, oxygen levels–among other things. As for moisture content, a good measure of determining if a soil is either too dry or over-saturated is to grab a handful and roll it into the shape of a “snake” with one hand. If, when you squeeze the roll 5-6 moisture droplets come out, the soil has good water content. If, either you can’t form a roll because it is too sandy or too muddy, then the moisture content needs addressing.

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    Just because the soil is moist doesn’t always mean it’s healthy. For instance, the soil could be overwatered, or it could have a pH level that the type of plant you want to grow will not do well in. You might want to get an electronic soil tester to find out whether your soil is healthy enough to support plants. The model in the video below can check your soil’s pH, moisture, light intensity, and total combined nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash levels.

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