If we weren’t around would the amount of carbon on earth be going up or down?



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    Assuming you mean the human population when you say we, the amount of carbon would be going down. However, this question is tricky as CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere are increased immensely by the human population when we burn previously stored carbon (in oil and coal, for example). However, this carbon previously existed, just in other forms. So while the amount of carbon may not change (law of conservation of energy) humans are certainly placing more carbon in the atmosphere and exposing the earth’s to its many effects.

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    If humans weren’t around the levels of carbon would likely remain at a stable level with only small fluctuations around that level. This is because without humans (that is, without human industrial activity), the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, produced exclusively by organic processes, would tend to be absorbed by plants, and plant populations would tend to expand to balance any increases in carbon availability.

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